Emma Johansson S-37



The reggae festival Öland Roots
Good music, my best friends, good food and drinks, what else can a girl ask for? I am pretty sure we got some days of sailing around these days as well. Life is good!

annnnnaaa roosling

festival picture... lisa and anna

annnnaaaa jönsson da girls


Time for next party destination. Gotland! Which is the neighbor island to Öland where I live. But to this island you have to take a ferry to get there. But once you are there, it’s worth it. Beautiful place with great spots for sailing and surfing. But wind during the days I was there. But my friends Max and Dan guided me around on the island and took me out for fun party’s. Thank you very much guys!

me and my sister on our way to Gotland Dan the man max and petra Dannnniieeee

Tove and me lots of old buildings mum and dad!

Petter!!!! me and the girls




I needed to get some holiday so I went to see my friend Karolina who welcomed me with open arms. Thank you very much Karolina! I also met the Swedish distributor for Animal Sweden and had a look the 2009 collection, super nice!
The day after I had a meeting with my old sunglasses sponsor, Magnus from Dirtydog, because he will import Body Glove wetsuits and want me on the team.

Animal newsletter

With a picture of me on top! Yeah! Check it here

Grönhögen June 18:th

I love this spot, it's great on southern wind. Today it was wind from south west, it's not epic, but it works.

This holiday is for sure the most fun one we have in Sweden. This year was no exception with some days of wind even. A few days after me and my boyfriend broke up, so I left Kalmar and moved back to the beautiful island Öland. Here is a text from the yearly Slalom competition at Surfsession.

Swedish Championship in freestyle, but no wind

There are some very annoying things with this sport. The fact that it isn’t windy every day or at least when it’s competition is one of them. It was supposed to be the Swedish Championship in freestyle in Lomma/Klagshamn outside Malmö. But no wind. It was windy for like a week here before the competition started. Well, nothing to do about it, it was fun the meet the other windsurfers from other parts of Sweden.

Surf on the eastern part of the island Öland

Well, it was more of a day trip, not very good surf as the wind dropped.

Capellagårdens student exhibition

Capellagården is the place where I work, and here is the final exhibition for the students this year.

May 23

Competitions in Speed and Longdistance at my home spot Haga Park. Here are two articles I wrote about it:

Ölandsbladet and Surfsession

Lecture about my life as a windsurfer in my old school

The headmaster of this school invited me to come and have a presentation for the children about what I do as a windsurfer, show some pictures and videos. Two presentations with around two hundred students each time. There are totally 425 students in the classes 7-9. Unfortunately my camera battery died, but I got one picture from there:

New sponsor!

I got an email from Disa Lidman on the Östersjö clinic who wanted to sponsor my windsurfing career so I can go to the PWA this year. Really sweet, definitely not every day I get emails like this (haven’t happened so far).

5-22 April photoshoot on Maui

The last days we got some sailing and some days just chillin. Went for a road trip with the photographer Charles Oreve, really nice guy who guided me around in the bamboo forest and waterfalls. It’s definitely not the last time I visit Maui, I hope to come back as soon as possible.

me and my lovely Twinzer76 at baby beach paia beautiful here on Maui

Charles Oreve

Day off today! No wind or waves so me Peter and Raphael decided to see some more of the island then Hookipa, Paia and Sprecks.

the land of mordor alone in the cinema, watchin Bra boys me and peter at the cinema

Today the “real shoot” started on Hookipa. Really big waves the whole day so the top guys seemed to have fun out there, and some had less fun with broken gear, swimming and bleeding feet. I stayed on the beach today, not worth risking my life for. I want it to be smaller before I sail Hookipa for the first time.

Hookipa Taka

Lanes Raphael

Windy!!! So the shoot started today and we went to Jenna de Rosnays house to get some “own beach” for filming/photos. I tried the new Joker99 and it’s just amazing! Spock on the first attempt, it’s self spockin this board!

I love Maui!

Peter filming

Raining this morning so I was going with Peter to Mark Nelsons to have a look at the new boards. After that a quick stop at Brazinho and Kaulis place. The guys tried to rebuild the inside of the car to make the sails and boards fit…

Brazinho chillin Iiiiiian no coments...

green and beautiful here on Maui it takes a lot of guys to rebuild the car :) me watching the guys work


No wind during the first days, so lots of time to buy a new mobile (as mine didn’t work here in the US). I share a nice apartment with the Mistral guys, Rob Warwick and Raphael Filippi. I am not the only Swedish person here, Peter film Svensson is also here filming for his new movie. It will be ready in August on www.mistral.com

Hookipa Hookipa Peter Svensson is here to film for his new movie, coming out in August on Mistral.com

My trip to Maui started on the train from my hometown Kalmar. Flying from Copenhagen to Frankfurt where I met some familiar faces. Cyril, Andre and Laure was going with the same flights.

stayed one night in Frankfurt before I left for USA waiting in Copenhagen Cyril, Andre and Laure

Dreams are becoming true sometimes

Like when I got invited to Mistrals photo shoot on Maui. Later on I also got invited to join the Simmer shoot. And for this Animal send me a big box of clothes :) Local Spirit send me a boom, thank's a lot for that!

22 feb-31 mars Isla Margarita, Venezuela

March 30 Time to go back home to Sweden.

March 29:th Last dinner with the guys, a bit sad but also pretty nice to get back home.

March 28:th Sailing and chillin and Club Margarita.

Zoe bubble Alexis

March 22:nd Some pictures on Simmer team mate Cheo Diaz. He was sailing really really good!! Unfortunately it got too dark for photos pretty quick.

March 21:st Semana Santa have started but it's not as much people as we remembered from the last years. Some nice ramps to jump from today.

john backloop andreas flaka

March 18:th Breakfast at Sharks, sailing and barbecue at the Club Margarita staff house, pretty nice day!


March 17:th Well, this island makes you stupid, it’s a fact!! I can’t translate the explanation of the sounds Nicklas is making, haha, let’s just say we where bored…

March 16:th We all went to mainbeach for som fruit juice after the sailing today.

March 14:th Sailed further down today where the water is super flat! I was on 4.7 and was really overpowered but couldn’t be asked to sail up again and change. Thank you Anna for the photos.

richard stefan

nikke me

March 12:th Party!

March 11:th Everybody from camp Sweden decided to go to the market and buy shorts, eat empanada and drink fresh fruit juices.

March 10:th Breakfast at Ipanema Cafe and watching the pictures Richard took last evening.

Chillin at mainbeach after an early session. And then an afternoon session before I met some other guys from the Animal team to take some photos.

March 2:nd Me and Anna went for a walk this morning and took some photos. Wind and sailing during the afternoon.

March 1:st More swedish people arrives. Richard and Stefan.

richard, anna and stefan breakfast time happy Nikke

Feb 28:th Annas birthday!!! And she landed her first flaka as well, yeah!!!

Feb 27:th Nicklas got bitten by a spider a few days ago and his foot got infected. So he took these pictures of us because he had to stay out from the water.



Feb 22:nd Going to Isla Margarita for the 4:th time. We had some rain in the mornings during my first days here. But the wind started in the afternoon and we got some nice 4.7 sessions. The room we stayed in the first nights was horrible, luckily we got another one pretty soon...

kittens!! raining during the mornings everybody loves the kittens

our horrible room cake pimped taxi

I won!

The Swedish Radio Kalmar nominated me as one of the promising sportswomen in the area. I was really happy just to get nominated so to win was really surprising and made me really happy. The guy who won is Victor Elm a professional football player.

Happy New Year!!!

Dinner with my friends. The dance on the pictures is to a veeerrry special song about a girl named AnnKatrin, well, it’s no idea I try to explain the joke about the song, enjoy the pictures and thank you Lisa for taking them :)

Back home in Sweden again and really nice to meet the family again.

Jericoacoara, Brazil, Oct16:th - Dec18:th

Here comes some mixed picture from 1:st-18:th December. It was windy even the last weeks but we had some rain a few days. Thank you Anna Persson for most of these pictures:

anna spockin me spockin Peter hides from the rain

anna rain coming

dead spider

Here are some mixed photos from Cleison Silva working for Club Ventos, thank you very much!

November 30: It’s the last day my mother is here on visit. Two weeks are already gone, but it’s been fun and I hope she visit me again! Here is Anna, Zoe and Me:

November 29:th: I didn´t really enjoy the sailing today, 4.7 and a lot of sea weed. We had dinner at the falafel place, nice as always. None of the photos where good today as you can see.

November 28:th: Day trip to the lagoon Tatatjuba. It was great to get away from the village for a day and see something else. Beautiful landscape. I brought 4.2 and 4.7 but should have brought 3.7 and 4.2 that’s for sure! After an hour the lagoon got invaded by kitesurfers ;) so it got really choppy. But it was time for lunch anyway. The last picture is a really short movie.

November 27:th: Not very much wind this morning, so me, Anna and my mother decided to be real tourists and go for a long walk to watch some tourist stuff. Afternoonsurf on 4.7.


November 26:th: I didn’t feel very well today so I took a whole day off and was sleeping more or less the whole day. Watched the sunset from the dune.

November 25:th: Waves!!!!! Finally!!! Not very big waves, but good enough for me when it’s been flat for ages.

November 24:th: Well, it’s mostly dinner pictures because that’s the only time when we remember to bring the camera. Sailing again of course and dinner and then Café Brazil cake.

November 23:rd: Early breakfast and then sailing. Watched the capoeira show in the sunset. Dinner with Zoe and Peter and some other friends.

the pousada where my mum stay breakfast relaxing

nice view capoeira dinnertime

November 22:nd: Early breakfast with my mum and then straight to the beach. We where the at 9. Erik told me he liked my spocks and that they don’t look like girlspocks!! Yeah, feels so good to hear, I don’t like the “pozostyle” spocks where the ass is in the water at the end. Just one session and the afternoon off again because I felt a little bit sick. Dinner at Café Brazil and one drink at the drink street.

November 21:st:Early session, I love when the water is low in the morning. I was out pretty long and decided to take the afternoon off and let the cuts on my feet and legs heal. In the evening we went to the restaurant Chocolat, it’s sooo good food there and we choose the lobster, really good choice!!

coffee time anna marianne and lobster me and the lobster

November 20:th: Early morning session and hurt my knee a littleb bit. Nothing serious, but nothing ever heals here in this water and heat. Lunch at Club Ventos and down to the dune for some last pictures with Silvan. I choose my wave board, stupid decision, but landed my first spock on that board. Emma and Anna from Vetlanda went to Fortaleza today and Anna came with them for some shopping. I stayed to get some sailing and spend time with my mother.

good english?!

November 19:th: My mother’s flight was delayed but she arrived here pretty much the same time as expected because of the other flight she shared transfer with. I was sailing really well and got told my spocks where looking good. Pictures by Anna Persson:

anna meeee

the gang

November 18:th: My mother is coming here tonight!!! Yeah, it will be so much fun!!! I was not sailing very well today :( Really cool capoeira show this evening.

November 17:th: I was just out on the water one time today because it was a boat race in the afternoon and we were not aloud to go out on the water then.

boat race emma, anna and anna boat race

anna, anna and emma emma and anna

November 16:th: It’s some kind of holiday here so lots of Brazilian tourists in the village. Peters friend from Fortaleza is here so we went to a nice restaurant again. Really cheap food, so we will for sure go here again, like 1½ euro / person including drinks :)

November 15:th: Another windy day in Jeri. The picture is from a very nice restaurant and the favourite there is Pineapple shrimps.

November 14:th: Ok, I am really sorry that I haven't updated the English travel diary for ages. I can only blame the wind :) we have been out on the water every day except from a few days when our muscles been too soar and needed to rest. We have had some waves, nothing really good so far as it’s still early for the wave season. It’s been super windy though, I have used my 3.7 and 4.2 and could have been on my 3.3 a few times and will rig it up tomorrow if the wind is the same as today.

I have been working with the photographer Silvan Wick the last week but those photos can I not publish yet :)

at the breakfast phil Zoe Zoe

13:th November: There is a new restaurant in Jeri and they have Sushi, my favourite food!!!!

me at the sushi restaurant annnnnaaaa yael, anna and emma

8:th November: Anna, Edvan and Chico

anna grubby Edvan chico

6:th November: When the tide is high we can sail at this mini-lagoon down the dune in Jeri. It's really small but it's space enough to do one move :)

edvan me edvan

5:th November: Short trip to Jijoca, 40 minutes from Jeri, to take out some cash.

anna and emma Daniel

3:rd November: I was going out with my waterproof camera to take some pictures on Edvan, so fun to take pictures of him because he is going so much higher and closer than anyone else:

Edvan Samuel Souza Edvan

Anna Edvan Edvan

1-2 November we got some waves here:

me edvan anna

me anna peter

me surf anna and me some evening surf

me spock anna and me Anna and me on my 25:th birthday

Evening session at the dune:
me edvan jeri

October21: We went to lagoon Azul today, which is about 30min from Jeri. Really cool place with superflat water and obviously really windy!


Back in Jericoacoara again. I love this place. We have been here for a couple of days now and had some trouble with our surfgear that got stuck in Lissabon for a few days. But last night it arrived and the Swedish crew is happy again :)
I was out sailing today (Oct. 20:th) on my new Vision 4.2 and the Joker92 which also is new for me. My muscles was a bit sore after sailing yesterday on rental gear, but I could feel that the gear is amazing. The size of the board is perfect for me to freestyle on, especially here with pretty strong wind and some waves sometimes. The sail felt like it was special made for me, just great!
So much fun to be here again and meet friends from the last times I have been here. The crew from Club Ventos is pretty much the same as last year so much fun to meet their happy faces again and big thanks to all of them for helping us to get our lost luggage.
We will go to a lagoon tomorrow for some pure freestyle sailing. We already arranged 2 beach boogies for the trip which will be for the whole day. More pictures and maybe some film from that later on.
me and anna in Lissabon anna on the hotell breakfast in Lissabon

breakfast in Jeri Peters apartment angry because our windsurfgear still haven't arrived riggingtime

asai for lunch after-surf-beer Jeri beach to much Guarana soda


Some mixed pictures from my last week in Sweden before I go to Jericoacoara, Brazil for 2 months.

X-travel surfcamp in Hossegor, France

Me and Anna got invited to join the rest of the X-travel team for a week of surf in Hossegor, France. Wavesurfing, NOT windsurfing for a change :)
I am a real beginner in surfing, I have just tried it a few times before. We stayed in a really cool big house close to the beach. The first day we went south, almost to Spain where the surf was supposed to be smaller and better for us beginners. It was a lot of fun, but so hard!
We went surfing every day for the rest of the week and had an awesome time with the team. So nice not have to book or plan anything, just have holiday, eat good food and enjoy the surf which is the thought with X-travel. Thanks guys for a great week!
Thanks Anna for the photos!


This movie is the best windsurfing movie I ever seen! It's about Marcilio Browne, even called "Brazinho". It's mainly filmed at the lovely spot Jericoacoara, Brazil. I am so proud to be a part of the movie, very quick though :) This movie should be sold around the world because it's so good, but no, Peter gives it away!! Download it for free on Peters website:

Windsport coverage

I got so happy when I got an email from my friend Peter about this article, so big picture of me!!! :)

The internet magazine, Surfsession, wrote about it too, find the article on the linked text:


I have been on Simmersails since I started to windsurf and I love my sails. Simmer wants me to write travel diary once in a while for their website, so much fun. I love to write!!

Wave Classic 2007

I was thinking about not going as my hand still doesn't feel any good, but this weekend is not only a competition it’s also really fun to meet old friends again. The forecast was looking good and we got some wind on the second day of the event. It was onshore and small waves and I was not sailing very well and my hand got swollen already when I rigged up my gear. Winner was Marie Edlund Tjernberg, 2:nd Frida Wiraeus and 3:rd Anna Jönsson.

Barely any wind since I came back home to Sweden and my first day on the water I hurt my hand, look at the horrible picture.

Some pictures from the pwa tour where I finished 10:th total.

Another great announcement, the company Xsport management have decided to sponsor me. More specific of what they do on their website:

I have changed board sponsor and will be on Mistral from now on. I am so proud to be a part of the team. I wan't to say thank's to my former sponsor Fanatic for their support.

I just got the message that I will be a part of windsurfing Team Sweden from now on. A short story and info about me can soon be found here


Saras 16:th birthday Evi Emma Emma

no wind the first meters close to the beach the winner Sara Sara and Laure

we found a shorter way to our hotell we found a shorter way to our hotell...

PWA Lanzarote

2/7 I am in costa teguise, Lanzarote at the moment competing in the pwa freestyle. It is really windy and it looks like it will stay like this for the rest of the week. So far I have been on 3.8-4.1 and some waves both today and yesterday, but I don't have a wave board with me unfortunately. I haven't done very well on the comp so far, been kicked out, but the level is very very high as there are very few girls who enter this competition. My competition nerves are getting better after each heat I do.

New sponsor!!!

I am stoked and so happy that Animal will sponsor me from now on.


An intervue with me on Jo Scotts website. Find it here

Swedish Championship freestyle in Klagshamn 2007

But the wind wasn’t strong enough. Really windy back home on the island where I live during the whole weekend, but not when we came back home :)
Photo: Kalle Appelgren

King and Queen of Öland

the first freestyle competition on the Swedish Tour. No competition on the first day as the wind wasn’t stabile enough, so we had a super session where I finished 3:rd.
Second day, really windy!! They guys where on 4.2 sails. But the wind dropped when it was time for the girls to compete and I choose too small sail and didn’t have enough speed more then once during the whole final heat. So I finished 3:rd again. Totally 7 girls competing, yeah!!

photo: Richard Ström

I am home from Dahab, Egypt. Here are som mixed pictures from there:

costume party injuries...

Nick spock John onehanded-flaka

Pictures by Jay Haysey

Pictures by Clare Edmead

Whale-Shark in Baby Bay, Dahab

15/4 I have been in Dahab about a month now and so far it's been good wind and I have used 3.4-4.7. Pictures coming soon... Check out this link from an Italian magazine.

Going to Dahab, Egypt, on Tuesday the 13:th of March. I have a 2 week ticket but will probably stay longer.


Back home from Jeri now, it was a great time, wind every day except from one or two days. For you who plan to go there, visit: Club Ventos,for renting windsurfing gear, storage or just visit the good restaurant.

I got loads of good advices from Jem Hall while I was in Jeri. He is a really really good instructor and helped me with both my freestyle and my wave riding. If you want to by his new instructor video or book his clinics somewhere around the world visit the website www.jemhall.com.

28/11 I'm in Jericoacoara Brazil for 1½ months. About half time left now and wind every day. It's been great so far, fun sailing with some good waves but mostly freestyle. Hurt my ankle a few days ago and haven't been sailing for some days, but today I was out again. No freestyle, jumps or forwardloops for a few days, but waveriding felt good.

1/11. Yesterday on 31 October (my birthday) was the day for Redbull Stormchase. I drove to Malmö the day before to be closer to the spot that the team choose, Vilshärad, close to Halmstad. The forecast looked best for my homespot, Grönhögen on Öland, but because some of the cameramen were unavailable in the afternoon we had to be on the west coast of Sweden. I can understand that, it was with short notice this day was chosen, but still annoying cause it was more wind at home and for the whole day. But it was fun to sail at a new spot and will for sure go back there again. I was out on a 4.1 Icon and a 75 allwave which was perfect for these conditions, not really storm. The water was cold so I couldn’t feel my toes after a while which made everything more difficult. I have to admit that I wasn’t in my best shape either, haven’t been able to sail so much lately. But I had fun and did the best at the moment (but I can do better :) For more info and pictures, redbull stormchase.
The wind died pretty early and the rest of the afternoon did we spent driving south to catch some wind, but it was too late there as well. So I drove back home to Öland the same evening, which means 1000km driving for me in 24hours. On my way back the travel agency called and said they got a ticket for me to Brazil (have been waiting for that a few weeks) on the 4:th of November. I bought it and the timing couldn’t be better, the day after we had snow in south Sweden.
I’m on a hotel in Lissabon at the moment and wait for my connection flight to Fortaleza this afternoon. A friend to me, John Cox and his girlfriend Leticia helped me with accommodation and transfer, BIG thanks for that!!!


26/9 I'm in Dahab, Egypt for 2 weeks of freestyle training and so far it's been windy every day. Thank's a lot Laure Treboux for help with everything, I wouldn't be here otherwise. The crew at Club Vass are also really great, thank's guys!!! I will for sure come back here, this place is perfect for freestyle and the people here are so cool and friendly. It's also really cheap to live here, you can find good hotels to stay at, including breakfast, cheaper then most other places I have visited around the world. I have used all my sails here from 3.4-5.3, mostly 4.1 and the fanatic skate.

Big G Al, volcano

Laure, no handed spock, clean landed Laure flaka Simon

Marco Laure one handed spock Colin shaka

me, really bad grubby attempt me

Simon me one fot  :)

Me and Simon, Dahabs simmer riders me cruising

meeee Emmetttaaa

da boys! Jamie, Colin, John Sick-John

Two pictures from the pwa competitions this summer. You can see the results under results to the right.

An intervue with me on the english studentwindsurfing website, find it here.

Yeah!! Thank's all of you who voted for me in Redbull stormchase. Me and Kristoffer Living are the riders from Sweden and I'm the only girl in the project.

Vote for me!!! Just a few days left in Redbull stormchase.

Good sailing here thaks to the sea breeze here at my homespot Haga Park on the island Öland. It's summer here now!! Thanks Anna for the pictures!

Swedish championship in Habo Ljung/Lomma, Malmoe. 3-5 June

Great freestyle conditions 4.4-5.0, flat water and sun! Finished 2:nd together with Nina Edlund Tjernberg

1:st Marie Edlund Tjernberg
2:nd Emma Johansson
Nina Edlund Tjernberg
4:th Frida Wiraeus
5:th Lotta Gustavsson
Thank's Niklas Malmqvist and Marie Edlund for the pictures!

New Video from Brazil. Thank's a lot Peter Svensson for filming!!! Find it under Video or here.

Video from P&G trendevent 10 oct 2005 at Nordic Light Hotel Sweden, find it under Video, or here

26 April, Interview with me and Anna in Swedish radio.

6-7 May

Finally some 5.0 sailing here at home. Thank's Joel and Anna for the pictures.

10 April, In Sweden again after 3 months of training on Margarita, Venezuela.

7 Feb, Tuesday

The wind has been up and down lately, some days with 4.4 and some without wind. Hurt myself last week so I had to take some days off, boring.

21 Jan, Saturday

I love El Yaque!!! Sailing with 5.7 and the skate in the morning and 4.7 and the skate in the afternoon.

20 January

I will go to Margarita (Venezuela) for 3 months with Johan Johannesson and David Kruse. Anna Jönsson will join us ten days later.


15 December

Back home in Sweden for one month and then I will go to Margarita for 3 months.

16 October
Going to Brazil for 2 months of training with Anna and Johan.

10 October
I have been invited to a beuty event, organized by Hill and Knowlton and their customer Procter&Gamble. Some new products were presented and the famous hairstylist Tomas Edlund talked about the new trends for 2006. I have also been interviewed about my life as a windsurfer, and about my hair in P&G Beauty newsletter for the new Head&Shoulders schampoo, Ocean lift.

2 October
My article about Isla Margarita, for Svenska Dagbladet (one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden) got published today. Find it under Media

1 October
Interview with me and Anna at the shoppingmall, Ölands köpstad, in Färjestaden. Organized by Ölandsbladet.


30 September
Another fun toy, a new board!! I just got my new board, a skate102, 2006 the only one in Sweden at the moment. Just tried it, and it’s a fantastic board, I love it!! Can’t wait to try it again!!!

28 September
New toy, a computer, finally!!! There is lots of work with moving everything from the old computer to the new one. But I will make it (with lots of help from my lovely mum).

27 September
New sponsors * 3!!! Ölandsbladet, Guldfågeln and Dirty Dog are new sponsors for me and Anna. Thank’s a lot for supporting us!!!